SUPPLY LIST for EXPLORING COLOR – a pastel workshop with Marie Maines

Students must furnish the following supplies: 

• Pastels – Try for 60-100 sticks, with a good selection of colors/values.

If you need to purchase pastels, I would recommend the 80 half-stick set by Sennelier, available from Dick Blick for around $104.00. (…and there always seems to be a special free shipping deal for orders over $100.) You can also purchase sets or individual sticks from Jerry’s Artarama, Terry Ludwig or Dakota Pastels. Asel Art, our local art store, has a modest selection of pastels. Stay away from the hobby sets from places like Hobby Lobby.

• Easel – A portable, standing is preferable, but a table easel will work.

• Clipboard,(at least 9×12) – We will be doing several color/value exercises and this will be a comfortable way to work.

• Drawing board/clips – This can be as simple as a sheet of foam core or masonite. Since all our experimentation will be on small surfaces, a board that is 12 x 14ish will be fine.

• Small, flat container for holding pastels being used. (Box lid, small tray, etc)

• Notebook, pencil

• Soft, vine charcoal, 2-3 sticks

• Several photos- choose photos with strong value pattern, simple shapes. We may/may not use these. I will be bringing along a few to use in the exercises.

• Paper towels, old rags, wet wipes, etc.

• Apron – or just wear old clothes.


Marie Maines will furnish the following supplies:

• all drawing/ painting surfaces and papers

• all under painting materials – We will be experimenting with various papers and under paintings, so I will bring along all necessary supplies.

• latex gloves and/or barrier cream (Winsor & Newton ArtGuard) will be available to protect hands, both for safety and for ease of cleanup. If you have a glove or cream you prefer for your hands, please bring it along.